My little love offering

I have a love hate relationship with blogging.

I love the challenge, the risk of vulnerability, the hope that my words would matter something to someone out there… Except for when I hate the challenge, crack under the pressure of finding a perfect phrase or pithy title, and turn into a needy teenager desperate for affirmation that what I just posted for the world to read was good enough.

I pressed pause on my blog for the last ten months. In the mean time I continued to read a lot of blogs and am now certain that everyone on the planet has a blog and what the world most certainly doesn’t need is another one from this girl. But then I was reading Carry On Warrior (and you should too if you haven’t yet) and in it Glennon Melton says:

“When you write your truth, it is a love offering to the world because it helps us feel braver and less alone.”

So now I’m convicted, inspired and ready to begin again.  I’m full of trepidation and insecurity, because I still have more questions than answers, because it’s way more comfortable to write in the calm breeze of hindsight than in the middle of the night storm I am in right now.

Nevertheless, I’m going to dare to live out loud a little.  Just a little.  I’m choosing to do that here and I’m trusting that even when I can’t find the poetic turn of phrase or an impressive synonym for ____  that I can find a way to be of some company to you in whatever the season you find yourself.  I can offer up what’s in me in the hopes that it resonates with what’s in you. That I can do. That I desperately want to do.

4 thoughts on “My little love offering

  1. Hi I’m Margarete Recodo. I would like to ask your permission, if I can post some of your blog in our FB page? Especially about Leadership…. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much… I like your recent post titled “A Leader and A Woman”.. God Bless you Pastora!

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